Private Projects

This service is offered for General Contractors, Architects, Engineers and Owners to have the option to post any project, public or private and limit access to Subcontractors and Suppliers by providing an access code to their selected group of bidders.  Subcontractors and Suppliers may use this service to gain access to project information, plans, specifications, and addenda, even if they are not members of a participating asscociation.

YOU have complete control!  You have the choice of posting the "Private Project" on to our database and having it password protected or having a weblink to your project that would require a User ID, Password and complete company information that you can send out.

If you are an Owner/Architect/Engineer:

Let us help you promote and showcase your project from start to finish...we feature pipeline projects, which gives your job initial exposure and buildup...then carry it into the bidding phase through to bid results and awarded contracts.

By listing your job in our plan room you are insuring that it is being sent a majority of the General Contractors, Sub Contractors and Suppliers making sure that you will receive diverse and therefore lower bids.  Architect and Engineers will also like our section entitled "ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING" where we post notices requesting RFP's, SOQ's and RFQ's.

If you are a General Contractor:

In listing a project in our plan room you will know that you are reaching the largest majority of sub-contractors and suppliers in the area, getting your project the exposure you need.

We are always happy to supply you with a list of contractors who have viewed your project or if you are missing a certain trade, we are glad to provide you with a list of names of companies in that trade.  In addition, by joining the online plan room, you will be able to view sub-contractors and suppliers who have viewed your project.

You get a head start with information on new projects without having to wait for the book.  You can also post private jobs with us that do not appear on our project list so your competition won't know they are out there.  You will be given a link to give to your selected subcontractors and suppliers giving them acces to the plans and specifications without having to come to your office to view plans.

They will not have to be HBE members to view private projects.  Best of all, this service is free to existing members.

If you are a Sub-Contactor/Supplier:

Well here's where it gets really fun! Everyone knows that it can get extremely costly to have to obtain plans for everything you need to bid.  We're her to give you access to plans you might otherwise not be able to obtain.

Be sure to tell us your trade and we will give you a call with jobs requiring your services - especially if your're just starting out.  We're happy to refer you to General Contractors requiring your services as well as private parties needing some occasional help and are here to promote your business.

If there is a last minute addendum you need to know about and you've come in or viewed online, we will notify you.  If you are a supplier joing the online plan room you will be able to view all the subcontractors bidding your project so that you may contact them with your bids.

If you are a homeowner or business owner:

We can help you with any remodel or new construction project you may have.  We will place you project in our plan room free of charge.

We will advertise your project in our online plan room.  We can assist in Architect/Engineer selection, contractor selection, sub-contractor selection, plan printing, reprographic services and plan distribution.

Why use our services?

We are dedicated to giving you a level of assistance that you won't find elsewhere.

HBE excels in customer service; we will continually go the extra mile to get you what

you need.